About us

Based in rural Devon, we've been making our delicious squashes and cordials for over 30 years.

Surrounded by green fields and only a bike ride from the ocean, this lush corner of south west England has a vibrant food and drink culture and we're proud to be a part of it.

Our simple approach to production means that our drinks are made as they should be made, nothing in there that you wouldn’t trust, just 100% lovely stuff.

We’re proud to take an old school approach to making our delicious soft drinks. We hope that you’ll find it refreshing that there’s still a business in Britain that cherishes simple traditions and offers drinks as they should be made.

Fruit + Sugar + Water = a lovely glassful of fruity refreshment

Our Drinks

Organic Frusion Traditional Squash Organic Squash Organic Cordial Fruit Juice Concentrate


A nutritious and delicious Organic juice drink made with a blend of fruit and vegetables.


Drinks as they should be made; a blend of fruit juice and fruit pulp, British sugar and Devonian water.


Our original recipes featuring organic fruit juice and fruit pulp and organic cane sugar.


Our luxurious organic cordials featuring recipes that deliver a sophisticated taste.

Fruit Juice

100% concentrated fruit juice. Just add water to taste.